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Silverdraw is realtime white board that can sync information between various participants, using Silverlight + WCF Polling Duplex.

Presently this is a working POC implementation

Users can draw together in the white board, and may chat each other. Here is a quick screen shot of the client running in two different browsers. These are the steps to start

How to start

1 - Read this intro post in my blog

2- Take a live demo here - It may or may not work, the server is a bit leaky

3 - Read this codeproject article to help you understand the source

4 - Click downloads to grab the source

Join and contribute. Future Ideas

  • Registration and user authentication upon login (probably using membership providers)
  • Dynamic loading of shapes using MEF
  • Evolve the application to a full fledged prototyping tool - similar functionalities as in
  • Multiple drawing rooms + users can join rooms upon invitation
  • Persist the messages drawing back and forth - so that we can replay the activity as in google wave, and pump the drawing data so far to a user up on connect.

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